• Toto

03:06 – August From Space

This sound is glass except that it is water – expect that

it is a pool of water that is made of glass and this glass is a room

and this room is in space and this space is a piece of paper –

except this piece of paper is a galaxy – 

expect that this galaxy is a vacuum and in this vacuum 

it is August except it is December and December is a 

string made of fog – expect that this fog is  honey and 

outside this honey there are springs – except these 

springs are rocks expect that these rocks are stars and 

inside these stars is Iceland except Iceland is a 

feather and this feather is falling expect that this 

feather lands on liquid and this liquid has no particles – 

except these particles are echoing eons and these 

eons are yawning expect that this yawn is a supernova 

and that this supernova is tired.

Accept this space will hold.

This season, violas will grow wooden in the north.

Accept that time will move.

The arrangement slows,

and just beneath the tooth of

a solar wind, it snows in a room

made of arctic and borealis.


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